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Welcome to Tech Smart’s drone repair in Marietta, GA. Is your drone refusing to fly again? See the world from a different angle by fixing your device today. Whether you’re a professional videographer or use the drone for recreation, we’ve got you all covered!

We provide top-notch drone repair services, ensuring no stone is unturned in reviving the gadget’s pristine condition. Here, we take care of all hardware and software-related issues that caused your drone to act up. Read more about our services or contact us for instant quotes!

Drone Repair in Marietta,GA
Drone Undetectable GPS

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Our Dedicated Team Of Repair Experts Are Always Available To Get your drone Working Like Brand New!

Drone Repair In Marietta | What Do We Fix?

 drone damaged chassis Repair

 Damaged Chassis:

A nasty bump or a crash with the bird can damage the foundation of the drone. But worry no more! Tech Smart can repair drones with physical damage to the chassis, restoring the frame’s structural integrity and leading to improved flight performance.

 drone propeller Repair

Broken Propeller:

Are the wings acting up? Whether your drone’s propellers are broken or bent, Tech Smart can replace and repair them to eliminate instability and restore lift during flight. We use premium quality parts to ensure 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

drone ESC board Repair

ESC Board Malfunction:

Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs) are vital components, and Tech Smart is skilled in fixing malfunctioning ESCs, preventing erratic flight behavior or unresponsiveness to controls. Our repair technicians will get your device back up in the skies once again!

 drone undetectable GPS Repair

Undetectable GPS:

“GPS Lost” signal is something no one wants to experience. If your drone has GPS issues, Tech Smart can diagnose and repair them, ensuring it can maintain a stable position and follow a set flight path effectively.

 Drone Water damage Repair

Water Damage Repair:

Did your drone fall in the pool? Exposure to water can severely damage a drone’s electronics. Tech Smart specializes in drone water damage repair, potentially preventing complete failure.

 Drone faulty batteries Replacement

 Faulty Batteries Replacement

We also offer battery replacement services, ensuring that faulty or damaged batteries are replaced, preventing sudden power loss and potential crashes.

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Choose us for top-tier Marietta, GA, Drone Repair Services! At Tech Smart,

Tech Smart is a reputable drone repair store in Marietta, GA, providing top-of-the-line repair services for drone-related needs. We take pride to announce that we cover all software and hardware issues.

Our team is here with years of experience and training. They strive hard to ensure your device flies back into the skies instantly. With no compromise on the quality, our drone repair cost is highly affordable.

Reach out to us for quick quotes and more information.

The drones we fix include a wide range of brands and models, such as

  • DJI
  • Yuneec
  • Parrot,
  • Autel

Bring your flying machine in so we can run a diagnostic test to see what’s wrong and repair the issue.

Drone ESC Board Malfunction


What type of regular maintenance does a drone require?

Regular drone maintenance is essential for optimal performance. At Tech Smart, we recommend cleaning and inspecting your drone after each flight to ensure it’s free from dirt and damage. Additionally, check and calibrate the sensors and propellers, and perform firmware updates as needed.

Do you fix the drone’s software glitches?

Yes, we handle both hardware and software issues. If your drone is experiencing software glitches or firmware problems, our skilled technicians can diagnose and resolve them to ensure your drone operates smoothly.

What is the drone repair cost at Tech Smart?

Our drone repair cost is highly affordable, and it varies depending on the specific issue and the model of your drone. For an accurate quote, please contact us for a quick assessment and cost estimation.