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Thank you for visiting our website. At Tech Smart, we offer a variety of electronic repair services including mobile phone repair services to keep your devices up and running. Whether your phone screen is cracked or your gaming console has slowed down, you can rely on our experts for help in Marietta, GA.

Please use the form on the page to schedule an appointment. Or you can call 770-674-0164 to speak with someone directly.

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How long will it take to get my repairs done in Marietta, GA?

We always prefer to provide you with same-day fixes; however, for more complex issues, we require additional time to provide your efficient repairs at a competitive cost.

Is it worth repairing my tablet over purchasing a new one?

It depends on what issues your gadget is facing. But most of the time, it is noticed in the  industry that repairing your tablet over purchasing a new one is a wise choice.

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We offer reliable and professional service for your electronic device by

using the highest quality replacement parts currently available in the market.